Guest Profile

Abigail Rebecca

Abigail Rebecca is founder and femme boss at Illuminated Leaders.


Through her work, she helps purpose driven, visionary female coaches, consultants and business leaders, shift their internal self image & become highly visible, to grow their business and create extraordinary success, prosperity and freedom.


Through her own experiences working as a senior leader in corporate, building a successful business and coaching and developing women at the upper level for over 20 years, she understands that your results are a reflection of what’s going on inside and shifting your internal paradigm gets you results faster.


She creates eco-systems for extraordinary growth and transformation and shows women that it’s ok to show up and be highly visible and successful - PERIOD.


Abigail lives near Brighton on the south coast of England with her Partner Kev, their 1973 VW Campervan called Flossy and their mini Dachshund Rudy.