Guest Profile

Brooke Zaugg

Vice President for The Faith & Media Initiative at Radiant Foundation. With a background in marketing, operations, channel and product management, strategic business development and investor funding, Brooke’s focus is driving value for startups. Brooke formerly worked in the technology industry leading as VP and COO at various companies. She was first involved in product development to bring a new company to market. She later moved to an established SAAS company leading the effort to open a new market to scale and to qualify for Series B funding. After successfully completing this endeavor, the company sold for $110M. Brooke then worked for a Texas-based private equity firm leading a portfolio company through robust protocols to prepare for scale – from marketing, customer service and operations. Prior to this, Brooke developed strategic communication expertise leading a San Francisco based advertising agency servicing Fortune 500 companies in the financial, technology, and hospitality industries including Bank of America, Inter-Continental Hotels, Visa, and Sun Microsystems.