Guest Profile

J. Stewart Dixon

J. Stewart is a spiritual seeker, finder and teacher. He teaches based on his direct experience, twenty nine years of interaction with numberous nonduality advaila-zen-unorthodox teachers, his ongoing education/certification in modern mindfulness and a degree in communications/engineering from Syracuse University.

J. helps people discover that badass inside of them that will rip you from the brutal cycle most of us find ourselves in and gets you to pay attention, care about yourself and have the courage to acknowledge your flaws and kick ass anyway.

He has been interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump, was the meditation editor of the mind/body/spirit blog All Things Healing, was a board member of Sevenoaks Retreat Center (a nondenominational spiritual retreat center in Madison, VA) and is the owner/founder of a tech design install firm called Charlottesville Audio Visual Services.