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Jo Anna Wright

Bottom Line Wealth

Learn How To Tap Into A Proven Path For Financial Freedom


Jo Anna Wright is recognized as an expert creating more than $5 million in real estate transactions for her students and changing the lives of hundreds nationwide with her step-by-step "Bottom Line Wealth" focused programs. She has over 19 years of experience as a licensed real estate professional, Investor and Entrepreneur Strategist. Teaching entrepreneurs how to build wealth and keep more of the money they make with tax strategies and real estate assets.


Her passion is teaching women how to build wealth with easy approachable customized strategies. Mentored by Sharon Lechter, the co-founder of the Rich Dad Poor Dad curriculum, multiple 7- figure real estate investing instructors along with getting her mindset clear with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and many other leaders within the industry.




Jo Anna’s Most popular talks:


How to Create Conscious Wealth: Forbes Stated in Sept 14, 2017, “there is no job security, and most are replaced by year 2020” – 2020 is here, are you still employed?

  • Is your J.O.B. safe?
  • Keep more of the money you make with tax strategies
  • How to create sexy real estate assets and achieve financial security
  • Create your own economic independence and retire early


Entrepreneur Roller coaster - I’m a 15 year overnight success story

  • How to focus on the step you are in
  • Systems to keep you in check
  • Know when to pivot


Control Your Money Control Your Life – Eliminate money blocks that you inherited from your parents (or money influencer). Develop a new belief system that money is abundant and is a tool here for you to use.

  • Learn to have fun with money and provide simple money systems that leads to building wealth with ease and less frustration.
  • How to stop blaming and have a fun money date!


Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing - “4 levels of Real Estate Investing” Identify where one can start.

  • Provide the road map of how to get started in real state investing regardless of age, money, time and education level. How to make it less stressfull and easy to understand methods.