Guest Profile

Patricia Rohn

Patricia Rohn, Director UTUE, Inc.
As a child Patricia knew she was different. She could perceive things that others could not. Her mother had a similar ability but never framed it in a positive light. Because of this, Patricia thought of her unique ability as “bad” or “shameful” for many years. She wasn’t able to use her special ability in a positive or beneficial way until she met her husband, Jason. Together they developed the Living Lighter program because they could see the negative energies interfering with a person’s life. So what’s her superpower? Patricia has the (unparalleled) ability to see the negative energies that interfere with life. Teaching others to remove these negative energies and replace them with positive ones is her greatest ability!

For example, Patricia understands that negative energies associated with poor self-image often lead to excess weight, failed fitness programs and despair for women. She decided to create a women’s program called “The Uglies” - designed to remove negative conditioning and the feelings of being, fat, old, wrinkled, and unattractive. She understands what many do not see: that these feelings are the true source of the problem – and that they can be REMOVED. She treats each individual as an ecosystem that needs to be uncovered and nurtured in order to make sustainable progress.

Patricia also spent 12 years as a water aerobics instructor with a 2 in 1 fitness and stress relief class that removed toxic energies like anger, fear and sadness - all while working out! Patricia would hear all the time, “I love coming to your class. I feel so much better afterwards!” This is because removing these negative emotions allowed her students to feel uplifted and happy. She has used this training to create Moves, in the Living Lighter Move, Clear, Meditate library of content in the Living Lighter online program.

Patricia loves to cook and is always singing and dancing around the house. Creating a happy family is part of her natural talent. She lives with her husband Jason, her 88-year-old mother-in-law and 2 puppies - Jaime and Ron. Her passion is photography and she is also learning to paint and play guitar! A fun day for Patricia is going for a drive in her husband’s VW convertible – only if it doesn’t mess her hair!