Guest Profile

Jadi Kindred PMP

As an Intuition and Empowerment expert, Jadi specializes in working with business professionals and entrepreneurs have more clarity in:

* Growing their business
* Finding deep inner joy
* Working less and earning more
* Feeling physically better
* Having more authentic relationships
* Increasing passion for life
* Strengthening confidence in their own intuition

Jadi incorporates intuition and inspired action in her day-to-day life to bring more ease and flow.

She is a certified Restorative, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, as well as Executive and Life coach.

She hosts wellness retreats in Canada and Costa Rica.

She is also the author of Canadian Amazon Bestseller, Intuitive Business Connections, which is a true story about the lessons learned from entrepreneur, Jadi Kindred. She reveals her trials and tribulations of growing a company from zero to six figures as a young entrepreneur and shares what helped her to succeed year after year. Based on the author’s personal experience of entrepreneurship, intuition and connecting to cultures worldwide, she takes readers on her inspiring journey of growing her business from the ground up and achieving her dream lifestyle. This book offers countless ways to grow personally, professionally, and socially and will shift your way of thinking about reaching your own potential.



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