Guest Profile

Mark Eckhardt

One Million Truths is the brainchild of Mark Eckhardt, Co-Founder and CEO of COMMON, a worldwide business community founded by ad legend Alex Bogusky, Ana Bogusky, John Bielenberg, and Rob Schuham. COMMON builds, launches, and promotes businesses and ideas to accelerate social innovation. 

Eckhardt, a successful business executive, has helped socially responsible businesses spanning 22 countries and 27 industries generate over $100B in organizational value and immeasurable social and environmental impact. He serves on the President’s Council at Search For Common Ground, the world’s largest peacebuilding organization and is a Board member or advisor to numerous organizations globally. 

Eckhardt’s work has been featured by Fast Company, Forbes, TIME, Huffington Post and many other major media outlets. Mark is an ordained Zen Buddhist priest and Black American adopted by white parents. After posting about his experience as a Black man in America on MLK Day in January 2020, Eckhardt was inspired by the George Floyd protests and used his own testimony as a jumping-off point for One Million Truths.