Guest Profile

Meaghan Minogue

Meaghan regards herself as a seeker from a very young age. Born and raised in a generation where personal growth was not the norm, she was raised into being told who to become and how to fit in.

This created a dissonance, a distrust from herself, her body, her desires...her Knowing. The result...a lot of suffering: drugs, anxiety, overwhelm, and depression. Meaghan came to an impasse, continue along the current trajectory or uplevel her life. She chose to reclaim her life.

Meaghan has spent the last 20 years steeped in the ancient traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation, and modern science on how you actually create lasting change. Meaghan is a mother to Ellis (4) and Margot (1). She coaches mothers on how to get out of overwhelming and depletion so they can live lives of vitality and enthusiasm and show THEIR kids how to do it too. Meaghan’s philosophy is our kids best shot at living purposeful and meaningful.