Guest Profile

Robert Roy

Transformation — Optimisation | Technology and human capital


Robert Roy is President of the Maritime Employers' Association (MEA). He joined the MEA in November 2019. With over 20 years in the human capital industry, he has an extensive experience at corporate and field levels, as well as consulting and operating HR transformational programs. Leading the full employee cycle, he is well versed in process reengineering and human resources.


Before joining the MEA, he provided expertise and support to customers in various industries including high tech, manufacturing, and consumer goods.


He has been exposed to large, medium, and small businesses which becomes a great asset when needs arise for understanding the various challenges an organization can face and transforming them into actions. His international work-related experience and exposure bring a global perspective of the complexity, challenges, and potential that globalization of HR models can bring when trying to reengineer and implement structured HR services and tools.




His ability to synthesize complex problems, which enables clients to articulate their vision and goals, is an amalgam of work-related experience and the application of skills he has integrated while helping organizations transform. In August 2019, he successfully completed an MIT Certificate in strategic planning and artificial intelligence.