Guest Profile

Swan Treasure

Swan Treasure is an art therapist, life coach, NLP master, and systemic constellator. She enjoys living in affinity with the spirit world and is passionate about assisting people to discover their soul alignment and fully engage their creativity. An artist and writer, Swan lives in the Findhorn Community, Scotland.

Swan was born in Italy in 1963 - As a child she naturally communicated with the subtle realms - She studies languages in Venice then Illustration in Milan - In 1991 she begun her spiritual journey and moved for five years to India where she lived at the Osho ashram and worked in the creative arts department, practicing meditation daily. - For five years she learned art therapy and group facilitation from Meera Hashimoto ( - In 1996 Travelled worldwide living in spiritual communities and visiting sacred places - 2000 she returned to Europe / London ready to start teaching. She lead creativity and meditation workshops and gave psychic readings at Mystery (oldest esoteric bookshop in Europe) - From 2002 to 2007 she trained as a transpersonal counsellor, NLP master and Family Constellator - In 2007 she open her private practice in Harley Street and the Hale clinic as well as working with corporate clients - In 2012 she was called to move to Findhorn in Scotland where she did the internal apprenticeship programme at the Findhorn Foundation and became a co-worker of this charitable organisation - In 2016 she trained as facilitator of the “Transformation game” and begun giving individual and group sessions using this tool - In 2018 following the “Co-creative spirituality” conference she took a touch-drawing workshop and made the paintings that were to become the illustrations of the “Findhorn Spirit oracle” deck. She also received and recorded the messages from the spirit guides who made themselves available through these images. - In November 2019 she was guided to stop working for the Findhorn Foundation, “To wait and listen” - In January 2020 Covid happened and during this time she was offered the publishing contract for the “Findhorn spirit Oracle” by Findhorn Press. A deep process of listening and writing begun. - In 2021 the manuscript was ready. Swan also begun the production of the launch show. - In March 2022 the “Findhorn Spirit Oracle” was published - In April 2022 the show “Our nature spirit connection” will happen at the Universal Hall in Findhorn and will be streamed word wide.